Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hari Raya Springclean clearance sale :)

Dear friends,

I'm updating this page as we go along so do check back now and then. Many of these items are preloved but some are brand new. I'm selling because I really need the space to make way for other baby items in the baby room. Because the condition of the items are still very good or mint (bought for baby who is now 7 mths), I'd rather recycle and sell to others who need it, than throw away.

Please email to justme@fazidah.com for items you're keen on. All items to be self collect in Tampines. Proceeds from this sale will go back to Baby Hilal's education fund :))))

Tks for dropping by!

Safety 1st Exersaucer. Selling $90 (SOLD TO A NICE MUMMY)

Moms In Mind sateen sling -RRP: $69. SELLING: $19 (SOLD)

Fisher Price Miracles & Milestones, Pop & Play mat.
Retailing $129. Selling : $40. Purchased in Mar 09. V gd condition, bright colours,no stains, tear or smell, all toys and sounds working perfectly.

White baby cot (47 x 28 inches). Selling $70 without mattress. Baby also not included! :P) --(SOLD TO NICE FAMILY :))

Tiny Love Symphony-In-Motion cot musical mobile (with box). Retails $140. One of the best quality and most preferred cot mobiles. Mobile goes round and round and 'dances' up and down, my baby finds this fascinating even though he plays with it everyday. Item is less than 6 mths old. Plays 3 songs - Beethoven, Mozart and Bach.
Selling $55 or closest offer.

Baby Bjorn Carrier (Model Air, Grey) . - RRP: $198. SELLING: $100 (SOLD)

POLO RL baby romper. Suitable for up to 3 mths. Very cute. SELLING: $10

A set of 2 rompers (Mothercare). Suitable for up to 3 mths. Used less than 3 times, baby has too many clothes. Selling both together for $9.

A set of 2 t-shirts (Mothercare). Suitable for up to 3 mths. Colours turquoise and orange. Selling both together for $9.50

A set of 2 rompers (Mothercare). Suitable for up to 3 mths.Used less than 3 times, baby has too many clothes. Selling both together for $9.

For newborns to toddlers, this hardcover black and white book is perfect as the illustrations are clear, clean and simple enough for baby eyes to focus on. The small size also makes it easy for baby hands to grip. This book is in mint condition. RRP: $25. SELLING: $13

Milk formula container by JAPLO. New but box thrown away. Never used as we have too many. SELLING: $2.50

Brand new Nuby brand microwaveable bowl with seal-tight lid. SELLING: $5

Preloved Baby shoes. Suitable for up to 4 mths. SELLING: $5

Lindam brand bottle /food warmer. Mint condition. Purchased at Tangs in Feb 09. RRP: $49. SELLING: $22

Avent bottles 125ml anti-colic bottles. $3 each

Infantino Baby Wrist rattles (frog and chick). Used about 3 times, baby can't wear as its abit tight on his wrist. Suitable for smaller babies up to 4 mths. RRP: $9.50 SELLING: $3.50

Diaper holder (white colour). Used for 5 mths. Purchased $15. SELLING : $6

Calvin Klein romper. Suitable up to 3 mths. Mint condition. Only worn twice as baby got too many clothes. SELLING $11

Bonds Australian brand baby bodysuit. Suitable up to 4 mths.I loved this bodysuit w its comfy material and baby looked so cute in it but unfortunately could only wear twice since he grew quite fast and can no longer fit. SELLING: $13

Baby bathrobe. Suitable until 12 mths. Selling as I have too many. SELLING: $13

Bumbo chair w tray (in box). Colour LILAC as shown on box, pls see image. SELLING: $50 (RESERVED FOR MUMMY UNTIL 17 OCT)

Baby Playmat with air-filled sidewall bumpers. RRP: $49. SELLING: $20 (SOLD)

OTHER ITEMS FOR SALE (I'll post pix soon):
- Mothercare rompers (up to 3 mths) . $5 each

- Carters rompers
'I'll sleep when I'm good and ready'
'Super Baby'
'What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's') $4 each
- Jack and Janie bucket hat. $4

Avent bottles microwave sterilizer. $50

- IKEA toy bags - $4 for a set of 3 bags

- Timberland rompers. Suitable for up to 6 mths. 3 pcs. - $6/ pc

- Baby gap rompers : 'I Love Mum' & 'I Love Dad' - $4/pc

- Baby gap collared romper: RRP: $33. SELLING $11 (w postage)

- 'Just Hatched' romper. Used once -$6.50.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Of old friends

The thing with old friends is that when you bump into them...oh 6, 10 years from when you saw them last, you always tend to get all mushy and sentimental and think oh how sweet that friendship was, how much fun you had with the person. You hardly ever remember the things about them that used to seriously drive you up the wall. Like how they used to keep repeating that life was hardly worth living. But hey, its been over 10 years since we last met and you're still ALIVE?

Gah. I sound bitchy I know I know. Blame it on the recent solar eclipse. Or the fact that I ordered the wrong dinner. Sad escargots that were too dead for too long and baked in too much garlic. Overly bitter. Overly disappointing. And the menu that sounded so full of promise. Ah, such is life.


You know that feeling you get sometimes when you're about to say something then realize you'd forgotten what it was that you were about to say? Well, I logged in with something to write and then realized maybe its not worth following thru with the words.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I want to be lost in Rajasthan
Yup, you heard me right, its this thing
with me, the living desire to be lost, searching
for a way to hide from this world and just not
be a forced participant for once
but instead to just observe others and breathe
their lives and wonder if
in this side of the world, is there someone
who also wishes to be lost where I am

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

This afternoon it was my turn to accompany the students from Giessen and Lyon on their immersion programme. Over lunch, I chatted with the french students and was particularly impressed by one of the girls. At 16 years, she has already decided she will attend further studies in a school specializing in math and science and determined to become a doctor and the route she was going to take henceforth, to get her medical degree. She spoke with a clear passion that I felt carried away too by her enthused manner. I hope for this girl that unlike a lot of other teenagers whose dreams fizzle with time, that for this one, the dream will continue to shine bright.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

this and that

I remember this dream. How can I not when it comes to remind me again and again like a flashing scene from a projector that has finally given up its mundane job and would no longer be persuaded to continue.
Always the same place, the same window with the vertical steel bars that I look out from, to an immense and expansive field of wild grass that is blue and misty-green and suspended above it, the skies of the most magnificent and shocking electric blue. I always wake up and smile at this returning dream that has reached a status of becoming almost a friend and I never fail to wonder if its a remnant of another life long ago or a wondrous scene of a painting that perhaps I had seen once in my life that my subconscious mind kept carefully locked away and that it could never quite allow me to forget.

There was a huge flame of the forest tree in that field long ago. It must have been at least a hundred years old, its girth around 20 times the width of my small frame when I was no more than eight. Some days, as children, we forget to stand still and be awed by its size, our small palms brushing and grazing its roughened skin while we run around it, giggling wildly as we try to see who can outrun the rest, careful not to trip over the knee-high roots in the process. Round and round we run until its no longer clear who is in front of whom and our sides ache from laughing too much and too loud.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


what do you get?
what do you get when you strip
off the thin veneer of gaiety
when the mask of normality cracks and the years
of existence is reduced to no more than a tumult
of confusion and the echoes of nothingness

Those nagging doubts

i wonder if its just me or other people are also constantly plagued by nagging doubts that just will not quit. Or regrets that refuse to fade away. People say time softens all hurt and heals all wounds but thats just the physical ones. I think time only makes certain kinds of hurt worse and you only feel it more keenly with each passing year.

Monday, July 28, 2008

So its been awhile

since my last post. No excuse except that life, or what it seems like anyway, has been much too busy for me to find time to sit down long enough in one place to think about what's acceptable of my thoughts, that needs penning down. Am gonna ease down to the process again by attempting to write a few sentences a day - all over again.

Running out for supper now.. will write later.