Monday, July 30, 2007

From a 35 years old point of view

I went out with 3 of my girl buddies and ex-colleagues last Friday. It was nice hanging out at Timbre (prev The Fat Frog), sipping unashamedly on our juices and just eating our hearts out on pizzas, fried seafood and wings. Ok, maybe it was only me pigging out, I seriously think I had the most to eat, YAY ME! The live music that came on around 10 in the evening was also great. Occasionally, its’ therapeutic to chat with friends about life, love and our hopes for what we will become in future.

Last Thursday (26 Jul) was my birthday. I woke up and sang myself a birthday song while still swaddled in my bed blankets and the husband joined in. I have this inane habit of singing myself birthday songs on my birthday. The husband and me didn’t do too badly as far as couple singing go..hehe.. After the song ended, the husband says to me, “Honey, you’re 35 but you still look 30!”. That silly comment/ compliment (if you can see it that way!) made me feel warm and delirious with delight. Then I was reminded back to 5 years ago and how on the same date, I was ironically very upset that I’ve reached the absolute end of my 20s. Somehow becoming 30 was a momentous time, a sort of a passing of my golden age. It dawned on me that I was no longer young. And there is no turning back.

Sobered by this thought, I was amazed to realize how in 5 years, my perspective of age can change so drastically! Now, I think I’m glad for my age. I’ve done quite a lot in my life, known what its like to feel uncertain at times about which path to take and yet ending up not too badly and becoming wiser in the process. One thing I’m sure of, life is always full of surprises but never disappointments. We only need to look forward to realize how God is always in front of us urging us on in this fabulous journey! So, here’s to more birthdays and more friends to share it with!!!