Friday, February 23, 2007

A stray thought and resulting weird rambling

I had a vision of love as perfect as diamonds and pearls and crimson rosebuds
with lips shying to bloom.
Its’ other face,
Poison and cataclysm.

I wish to fall in love with the shy stranger
on the train going nowhere.
To feel the clichéd paths of emotions that everyone professes to have felt but
could find no adequate words to express where it came from and why it had to end

To experience the magic that comes out of communication
that needed no words but a shared understanding in a pregnant glance
Feeling that odd pulse of desire and sorrow in knowing that life will never be the same thereafter

I dream of the love that bleeds my heart dry,
that makes the flesh ache
The love that when it leaves, feels like a million violent shards is there in place of what used to be me.

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