Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sailor, my diabetic old cat

Recently, i have not had time to blog so much partly due to the health of my oldest cat, sailor. He was diagnosed with diabetes sometime in May this year and since then, has required twice daily insulin injections and alot of grooming as he no longer has so much energy to clean himself. Although he looks nothing like the bright-eyed, fluffy cat he used to be, sailor still has a lot of life still in him, and for that we're grateful and hope he'll stick around for a few years longer.

Sailor's diabetes has made injection-phobic me a braver person. I was horrified when the vet said we had to administer the insulin for him. I still hate needles but I can perform the injections without jabbing myself too badly in the process now.

The saddest thing about his condition is the significant loss of weight and muscle mass. He's literally a bag of bones now despite my efforts to feed him more protein. Sailor loves his daily walks and appreciates relaxing by the koi pond in the gardens outside, he's really a very gentle and loving 'senior citizen'. But now I'm careful to bring him out only at night becos I hate seeing the looks some people give him. Its understandable to get such a reaction as he resembles a cat that's been severely flattened sideways. I just wish people can be more compassionate sometimes.


Sydney Holiday 25th-31st May 2007

It is with some amusement that i'm blogging again...its been quite awhile since my last post and somehow the old fingers seem to have forgotten how to connect to the mind and find the appropriate words to put to screen. Yikes, that's how Blog-rusty i am! Anyhoo, the hubby was meeting up with clients in Sydney last month and so i decided to join him and grab the chance to meet up with old buddies ray, eve and yen.

Places I went and am glad I did:
a) Sydney Fish Market at Pyrmont (for amazing variety of oysters, prawns and other fresh, sweet, lip-smacking seafood!!!)
b) Queen Vic Building & The Tea Room (for high tea in lovely setting)

c) Max Brenner's Chocolates (to feel like a kid again and ogle the huge chocolate pipes running from huge choc vats to the ceiling and tap!)

d) Circular Quay & Sydney Opera House (picturesque!)

e) Royal Botanic Gardens (like Singapore Botanic gardens with wedding couples strolling about, cept that it's much much colder and has a glamourous backdrop of the Harbour Bridge aka The Hangar)
f) Bondi Beach (gorgeous beach, gorgeous bods, gorgeous surf-dudes, gorgeous blue skies! I SO belong here!!!heh! heh! )

Places I went and wished I hadn't bothered:
a) Hay Market (endless tacky souvenirs for desperate tourists)
b) Moss Vale in Southern Highlands (listed in the tourist brochure but few sydneysiders know of its' existence with good reason. Its a dead town that resembles the set for 'Children of the Corn'
c) Hunter Valley, the Wine Road (becos I'm not a wine lover)

Places I missed altogether and perhaps reserve for a future visit:
a) Blue Mountains
b) Pitt St Shopping Area
b) Bowral in Southern Highlands (the countryside where 'Babe'the movie, was filmed)